Who I am

My name is François Conte, I am 30 years old and am currently employed in a digital agency based in Limoges (France). I am a senior developer who had the opportunity to work on large projects. I have a university education in computer security and data processing. My passion for development pushed me to become a professional developer.

If you're looking for me, I'm probably in my garden removing a stump or looking at my robot mower. I am interested in economics, history, photography and home automation. I hate quantum physics!


Here is my technical stack.


Symfony is a (french) robust php framework. I use it for more than 8 years. It allows to create the "backend" part of a project (not visible but so indispensable): API, database management ...


Angular is a front-end framework that allows you to create beautiful and intuitive interfaces for your users. I use it for 4 years.


Ionic is a framework for creating hybrid mobile applications (Android, iOS), PWA, but also web applications from an Angular base.


Golang is a language to create a multitude of things! I use it mainly to do heavy processing such as: data analysis, mass processing, scripts ...

I can also work on other languages or frameworks such as: Python, React, Vue.js. But I can not say expert.


I offer my services for development of digital projects:

I run this activity in parallel with my job, evenings and weekends.

Generally, the mode of operation that I propose to the client is co-construction because he is the one who knows his activity best. This is on the one hand stimulating for each party and moreover, ensures the customer to be satisfied in the end as he will have contributed throughout the project to his elaboration.

My hourly rate is 70 €. (Convert to USD | CHF)

Recent Work

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